Learning Community

I’ve created a slack team for people studying tech. It’s called TechStudySlack and you can find it at https://techstudyslack.com.

It does exactly what it says on the tin

I’ll be there helping you learn AWS and achieve great exam results in any way I can. You can help me by spreading the word – like & share this post, tell other people about this slack in-person and share it on any other online forums you use 🙂

I’ve created online AWS training courses for a few different providers and have recently decided to go independent. One thing which has always been super-important to me is the community side of things – and having a community which welcomes students no matter who they get content from can only be a good thing. Being part of an online community with other like-minded people means you benefit from the shared pool of knowledge and experience, and get to help others.

So feel free to join – it doesn’t matter if you are experienced in AWS with all the certifications, or have just started studying for your first exam!

In the short term you can expect:-

  • Help breaking down and reviewing exam questions from any training providers, understanding the WHY is more important than the actual answers.
  • General discussion, help and advice on topics you are studying for specific AWS certifications
  • Recommendations on extra resources to help with your studies.

Medium-term I’m going to be making my own certification and deep-dive courses, but I’m creating this community to be agnostic. I will be around to help regardless of if you take my courses, or not. Anyone who has taken my courses before will know how active I am on slack, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you excel at exams – but I’d also encourage you to help others as the community grows.

TechStudySlack will take time to grow but if you are studying for an exam right now … you will get value right away even if it’s just someone to sanity check your answers to practice questions or your understanding of exam topics.

You have nothing to lose, it’s free … The invite bot is available here https://techstudyslack.com and I’ll be in the #general #aws and #aws-sa-pro channels initially, with more to come as the community grows.